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      1. What are the dimensions and weights of the two different sizes?
        The large refillable notebook is 156 x 219 mm (6.1 x 8.6 in / about half of a Letter-size paper) and weighs 290 grams (0.6 pound). The extra-large refillable notebook is 225 x 290 mm (9 x 11.5 in / about a Letter-size paper) and weighs 550 grams (1.2 pound).

      2. How many pages can a Minbøk refillable notebook hold?
        For the best results, both sizes can hold a maximum of 100 pages (50 sheets). We decided to stick to 100 pages to keep a lightweight notebook that is easy to carry around.

      3. Do you offer a puncher? Can I add customized content to my Minbøk?
        Unfortunately, we don't have any puncher yet. We plan to release a Minbøk puncher in the future, but we can't say when exactly. You could use a regular round single-hole punch to make your personal content fit a Minbøk notebook. You would need to punch the holes at the same position as the Minbøk sheets while making sure to leave a little margin too. Then, cut a straight line in the middle of the hole (no spacing required for the stem, just a straight cut is ok).

      4. What makes the Minbøk notebook different from other discbound notebooks on the market?
        The Minbøk notebook works the same as other discbound notebooks, but Minbøk’s binding is engineered with a unique «U» shape so that the notebook can completely cover the binding and keep the sheets straight, giving the Minbøk notebook an elegant aesthetic shape — unlike other discbound notebooks.

      5. Is the Minbøk refillable notebook comfortable for left-handed people?
        Absolutely! The small rings should not interfere with your handwriting regardless of the hand that’s dominant for you. If the rings annoy you, you can easily take the page out and then put it back.

      6. What spacing are the lined, dotted and grid layouts? How is settled the weekly planner layout?
        The spacing is 7-mm for the lined layout and 5-mm for the dotted and grid layouts.

        The weekly planner starts on a Monday. You can start it whenever you want. The front page is printed with the lined layout and the back with the weekly planner layout so you can plan your schedule while you jot down your to-do lists.

      7. Where the products are made from?
        All notebooks and refills have been thoughtfully designed in Montréal and made responsibly in China.

      8. What is the cover of the refillable notebooks made from?
        The cover is made from PU (Polyurethane), which gives the notebook a really nice and soft texture. You can easily clean the cover with a humid cloth.