Minbøk’s benefits in your everyday life

Personalize entirely your notebook

Create endless combinations out of a single notebook! You can combine the weekly planner with the lined layout to plan your schedule while you jot down your to-do lists. You can also combine the blank, dotted, and grid layout to capture all your spur-of-the-moment ideas as they pop up.

180˚: Smooth writing experience

The notebook lays completely flat, and the small rings won’t interfere with your handwriting regardless of the hand that’s dominant for you.

360˚ + Hard cover: Note-taking is easy anywhere, anytime

Fold the front cover all the way back to save space and take on-the-go notes, standing or sitting down. (Note that the pages can not be folded 360˚, only the front cover can.)

Choose between large and extra-large sizes

Plus, smaller pages fit alongside larger ones, so you are never stuck with any one choice.