The Story

It all began while I was backpacking in magnificent Australia. I was recording my experience on two different notebooks: sketching in one and journaling in a second one. Limited to just one single piece of luggage, carrying both journals was not ideal for traveling lightly. So, I tried to find a notebook that would allow me to combine and reorganize blank and lined pages while maintaining the minimalist look of a classic notebook, but I never found one. When I returned home to Montreal, I realized that having a versatile notebook would also be useful in my day-to-day, as I was commuting a lot. That’s why I decided to further develop my idea of Minbøk.

Inspired by the stark yet functional aesthetic of Scandinavian style, I chose to name my company Minbøk—‘‘Min bok’’ means ‘‘my book’’ in Norwegian.

Minbøk aims to provide the modern paper enthusiast with the perfect notebook to travel light, stay organized, and foster creativity on daily and great adventures.

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